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Sunday, December 6, 2009

November 1999

Wow, it was slightly over 10 years ago but it seems like a lifetime...

November 1999

Here's what it all boils down to: Money.

From the beginning, I had my eye on post-production. There are really two ways to go about it and they are as follows:

1. Shoot the film and get it transferred to video in as high-quality as you can get, with scene-by-scene color-corrections and all. Then, edit the entire movie on video and come up with a finished product on video(ala Robert Rodriguez). Shop that around, enter what festivals you can, see if any distributors are interested. If they go for it, the cost of doing the re-edit and all will be up to them. This is the over-all cheaper way of doing things, and the way I was looking at.


2. Shoot the film and get it best-light transferred to video with time-code. Edit on video with an AVID machine, then get the negative cut according to your EDL(Edit Decision List) that the AVID gives you. Then prints are made from your edited negative. These prints can be submitted to festivals and what have you. This is more expensive.

As it is, I raised all the money for the production on my own, but I over-taxed myself. Personal things have come up to keep me from raising other money(bought a house is the main one), so I'm stuck. I don't have enough money for either option right now.

So, the option I'm currently looking at is getting about 10 reels transferred at one-light(it doesn't look that great) and editing it into a trailer that I can show to some backers to get them to put up money. Getting the reels transferred is going to cost in the neighborhood of $1600.

Yes, film-making is expensive.

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