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Saturday, October 10, 2009

January 13th, 1999

What's this have to do with HH? Nothing. I didn't have a picture, so I thought I'd post a pic of Ganz one Halloween--my brother turned him into Darth Maul. We got pretty drunk that night...

Wow, pretty detailed post. I don't really have much to add other than that we got some CRAZY headshots, which to this day I still have. I should scan some of those and post them.

January 13th, 1999

After 5 months, I have over $5,0000 in the bank. I'm doing research on renting the sound equipment, because believe me, sound is very important. The only problem is getting someone as a sound guy. They're all pretty expensive.

I'm only two grand shy of my goal. At this point, we’ve got about four months to go. Gil had asked whether we possibly had enough money to get his camera assistant David Mun along. I jammed some numbers on a spreadsheet. I knew it would be a HUGE help to have another body on the set at all times, as we we'd be working with a skeleton crew, so I booked two plane tickets.

We had a D.P.(Director of Photography) and a 1st A.C.(assistant cameraman) and a good start on our budget.


We needed them bad. I had our star, the actor buddy I spoke of. Rick Ganz. Cuban, built like a woman's wet dream. Chicks dig him and he can act. He's our number one asset.

I wrote the script sleek, so we wouldn't need anyone for very long besides Rick. There were about 28 characters and 26 of them die. I broke down the script into scenes detailing who would be needed for each scene and for how long.

The cameo roles I pushed aside. Friends and family would work for those. The speaking roles I highlighted.

I looked around and found that most decent actors, SAG(Screen Actor's Guild) and non-SAG, who are looking for work look in Backstage Magazine because people advertise looking for actors. I paid $50 and got an ad put in the East Coast Backstage about our production.

The ad ran. I received over 400 head-shots in two weeks. It was pretty stunning to see all these things pouring in. The only problem I began to see is that most of the actors/actresses were from New York.

I made name tags for the characters we needed to find actors for. Then Rick and I went through and looked at headshots, putting them in one of the stacks or shoving them off to the side if we didn't see them as anyone in Hunting Humans.

Soon we had at least three or four people in each stack. I made calls to each of the people to try to set up a time to audition them. Most of them had voice-mail, so I left messages.

Our responses were less than encouraging. Some didn't call back. Those who did that found they would have to come to Maryland to audition backed out. A few said they'd see how their schedule would work out. I told some of them that if they wanted a page of the script that they could act out on video, and then send me the video, that that was fine.

It seriously amazes me how desperate all these people claim to be, but they can’t drive four hours to audition for a PRINCIPLE ROLE in a motion picture.

Some good-looking women had sent headshots, and Rick wanted to invite them down to audition even though we really didn't have any roles that would fit them. I had two female parts; one was a girl who gets nude and the other was an over-weight slut. I didn't see any girl coming down from New York for either part.

The nude girl part was bothersome. I thought about trying to hire a stripper for a night, but I didn't know how good an actress they'd be or whether they'd do it for as cheap as $200, which is what I'd set aside to pay "naked girl" as we began calling her.

Working on the movie felt good though. We were getting a lot accomplished.

I’ve auditioned one of Rick’s friend’s for a minor speaking role, but he’s tanking big time. He gets nervous, blows lines, seems to be waiting for me to say a line so he can say his.

May replace him with a buddy of mine, Duke, but I don’t know whether he’ll do any better.

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