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Friday, October 2, 2009

February 2nd, 1998

This section alludes to one of my regrets about HH. The original draft of the script ended on a big shootout--visions of John Woo slow-mo gunfight--but because we were running out of money, I had to rewrite the end.

That's why it's now that masturbatory gotcha, no gotYOU, gotYOU, Nuh Uh Got you! moment between Aric Blue and Dark.

Know what would cool? If I could find that version of the script and post that ending.

Yeah. That would be cool.

February 2nd, 1998

Found a great site that tells you how to make squibs. For those who don't know, squibs are small explosive charges that you place inside blood bags that you detonate remotely, causing it to explode, thereby simulating a person being shot. This is pretty big, since we've got a big shoot-out in the end of the script and I'm counting on doing all of the f/x myself.

The scene in the end of the movie calls for somewhere between 12 and 20 guns. I had planned to rent some prop guns that shoot blanks, but also to sprinkle real 9mm guns in so I wouldn't have to rent so many prop guns.(I have access to a good number of 9mm guns.)

Once I shot the thing, I could
edit the sound effects so they all look like automatic guns. You see, blanks don't emit enough gas to eject themselves from the gun, so if you put them in a real gun, you only get one shot because the bullet won't come out.

Anyway, I can't find any 9mm blanks at any of the shops that specialize in blanks. Most carry 8mm, which seems to be what many of the prop guns fire. More on this later.

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