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Monday, October 19, 2009

August 1st, 1999

Exhibit B for why you should not try your own poster art

So yeah. This one is pretty brutal. You can tell I was feeling the pressure.

The funny part here is that Rick and I knew each other since about 1994 and then he started dating his soon-to-be wife. Let's call her P.

And I didn't like P, and I guess the feeling was mutual. Rick kinda distanced himself from me, I'm sure at her urging. We stopped hanging out. I didn't get invited to the wedding. (I was not offended--believe me, I hate weddings.)

A couple of years after they got married we somehow connected again, and tried to get a feature film off the ground, which led us here.

But eventually my perception of P was proven correct, and they divorced. Too bad the brutal part of the separation took place during my first feature film...

Aug 1st, 1999

Eight days until we shoot and I still have no film. Kodak keeps referring me to someone who's not there. I leave a message, I get no reply. This was all because they wanted me to get a business account.

Am I going to get a discount for having a business account? No. So what the fuck? Rick, the main asset, is having trouble with his wife.

Basically, she's a cunt. No, really. I don't use that word a lot, but it fits. If they didn't have a kid together, I'm sure Rick wouldn't even be married to her.

So, they're going to separate and the way this is going to work out is that Rick has to be out of his apartment somewhere around the 15th of August.

Ah, perceptive of you. Yes, right in the middle of the shoot. I guess, because I don't have enough to worry about.

Anyway, I call Kodak back and act like I've never talked to them before(they've got a million reps, so it wasn't tough). I ordered twenty five reels of 400 foot film and had them ship it to me. Taken care of.

Thanks for jerking me around, Kodak. I’ll remember you in the end credits.

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