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Thursday, January 7, 2010

July 20th-26th, 2000

A promo pic shot after the fact since we needed some pics for the press kit

I don't remember most of this stuff. I don't remember watching any of "Dangerous Mode"(Rick Shipley's movie) with Bubby, but I guess I did.

And the reference to Joe Ripple's movie stands--it was the main thing I didn't like about his and Don Dohler's movies; the Canon GL/XL look. Never liked the picture--just seemed way too video-ish.

But Joe's good people; check out his web site at:

July 20th-26th

Talked to Ripple. He said, no problem, he could swing by and do it. Turns out he directed a movie since we last talked and has a web-site.

I’ve looped some of Rick’s stuff already. With enough takes, and some fiddling with the audio, I’ve found that it’s possible to make the ADR believable.

The important points seem to be this: Have the microphone about the same distance from the actor that it would have been in the scene(which adds “space” to the audio and helps match to the picture). See, if the audio sounds like the actor is speaking into a microphone that is two inches away, but the picture is a wide shot then it won't match. (Especially if you have one actor's audio from the shoot, but are looping another actor in the scene)

Also, the hard consonants seem to be the important syllables. So if they hit most of those, it looks pretty good.

I talk to Bubby(who plays the bad guy) and get him to come over. He hasn’t even seen the movie he did for Rick Shipley, so I show him the copy Shipley sent me. I don't think he’s impressed.

Then I show him some of our stuff. He likes it a lot more. Or maybe he’s just a good actor.

Anyway, I set him up for the ADR and he nails it like he just did the lines yesterday. Fucking amazing.

Couple of days later Ripple comes in. He does well also, but not as good as Bubby. I see some of the footage from his movie. Doesn’t look bad, but you can tell it was shot on video.

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