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Thursday, November 26, 2009

August 25th, 1999

I am ashamed to admit I have no pics for this entry.
So here's another would-be actress and the picture she sent.

August 25th

I managed to get my employee to come in and work my shift so I could get some sleep. Gil and Mun wanted to go out and have some drinks, since it was their last night, so I needed the rest.

We went to the Cancun Cantina, a bar that's half-country/half-good-music. Gil, Mun, Rick and my girlfriend got pretty trashed, doing nasty Tequila shots. I got a good buzz. We left when they closed, so Gil and Mun would get no rest before their plane left at 7:40am.

Not that I would either. I had to go unload the van and return it to my parents' house, because I was getting a bit sick of it. I wanted my compact car back.

I unloaded the van and went to pick the guys up. Mun was puking, Gil was sleeping. I rushed them to pack and took them to the airport.

I dropped them off at the terminal and helped them take their bags to the luggage check in. Mun looked like he was going to puke some more. We didn't exchange too many words, but I've got their numbers and emails.

We're going to hook up at some point. I'll probably be flying out to Fotokem in L.A. to supervise the color-correction on the video transfer, and L.A. and Arizona are only about four hours apart.

I gave them some scripts to take a look at. If I can show Hunting Humans to people and say, "This is what I did with almost no money", I'm hoping I can get some backers to shoot a 35mm feature that can actually make it in the theaters.
That's the plan anyway.

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