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Monday, November 16, 2009

August 18th, 1999

Rick Ganz taking a sleep break on the floor of the theater
August 18th

I woke up after four hours and was still dead tired.

I got up anyway. Had to make some calls. RGB Labs called and said they'd be sending back the two reels they'd developed and transferred to video(oh yeah, forgot to tell you that we sent them), but they needed a credit card number and not the check I'd sent.

I shuffled some scenes around so we could shoot later at the theater.

I got Gil and Mun, and Ganz showed up before that. We shot some cool scenes, most of them with one take. Got some coverage anyway. You always get some coverage.

Doing good on the reels. We still have about six reels left and not a ton left to film. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

We got to the movies and set up early. The first shots went easy. Then we got to the pivotal point in the story where Aric finds one of his would-be victims already dead, with a note on him that says "I've got your pattern".

We shot the beginning, where Aric rounds the corner, punches in the code and finds Doug(played by James Fellows, a projectionist who shops at my store) already butchered.

James Fellows, MURDERED!

We shot the cutaways of Aric's POV moving slowly down the blood trail on the door to the body and got all that done. I told James he could go change out of the bloody shirt and put on another one for a different scene.

We were changing mags when I see Rick laying on the floor. No gloves on his hands. I asked him whether he was wearing gloves during the scene. He said, "Oh shit". I took that as a no.

We had to reshoot some cutaways of his hands with the gloves on. I hope the scene still works, since it's one of the biggest moments in the film. It's where the story spins off in a new direction.

We went outside and got some other shots, and Mun came up to me and asked whether he could strike the set, meaning pack it up. I was in the middle of one shot and I thought it was the last one, but I didn't have my script in front of me. Mental Note: Don't ever strike a set until you're sure you're done.

Ganz took off and I went to check over my script. We missed the entire beginning of the script where Aric gets to the theater and lets himself in. Now we're going to have to come back for it.
Dead...and loving it

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