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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Saga Begins

A lot of people wonder about how I got started making flicks, and also in particular how "Hunting Humans" came about. That's the first movie I wrote/directed, which later got picked up and released through MTI Home Video.

I recently lost a hard drive, but luckily I have backed up some of the log files I kept. I thought: Hey, if I put it all on the interwebs then it'll be backed up THERE. And everybody's a winner.

So here it is. I'll include everything, including some new info--yeah, stuff about the serial killer who was caught with "Hunting Humans" in the dvd player of his truck. And anything else connected.

I'll try to hunt down some pics, and keep you abreast of any interesting stuff STILL going on with the film.

I'll post new thoughts in bold at the beginning of each entry, with the old diary entries in regular.

Hope you enjoy.

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