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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Foreign Distribution

So as I said, we licensed foreign rights to IFM World Releasing, a company run by Tony Ginnane. I knew nothing about the guy. Talked to him on the phone a couple of times. Seemed pretty gruff and no-nonsense.

It was funny that years later you can see him in the excellent documentary on Australian horror films called "Not Quite Hollywood". I highly recommend the documentary. Anyway, turns out he used to be a producer of a lot of the "Ozploitation" flicks.

Anyway, you might be surprised to find out that HH has been licensed to about 30 foreign countries. These are some:
French-speaking Africa
Benelux(had never heard of this country before we licensed it)
Czech Republic
Spain and Andora
United Kingdom

I try to get dvd copies of each foreign copy, but it's pretty hard. Also, some of those rights went to free television or the like, so there is no physical copy to buy.

But it is a lot of fun to watch Rick talk and hear some foreign dude's voice come out. Here's some of the foreign covers I own.

 That's right, that's not even Rick ON the cover. 
(kinda looks like Screech with a five-o'clock shadow...)

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